A solution specially designed to align your sales incentives &
meet your organisation’s goals.

Learn how you can motivate your sales reps towards impactful performances. 

Incentive compensation management is the strategic use of incentives to drive better business outcomes and more closely align sales rep behaviour with the goals of the organization.

Sales incentives are your most important lever to drive revenues. 

But...incentive systems can’t just keep up! And without incentives, sales reps aren’t motivated to do their best! 

Vymo Sales Incentive Management (SIM) helps to:

  • Design target and incentive schemes rapidly and communicate details to sales

  • Motivate sales toward winning behaviors with simplified visibility and guidance

  • Understand which target and incentive schemes are working and which are not

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Significant Benefits Across Personas

Sales Reps

  • Full transparency into earnings
  • Concrete inputs to plan and prioritize
  • Single mobile tool for entire sales flow




Sales Ops

  • Reduced payout processing time
  • Process efficiencies, no payout errors
  • Rich data for analysis & optimization




Sales Leader

  • Iterate incentivization approaches
  • Insights on incentive effectiveness
  • Drive winning behaviors