Supercharging Indonesia's Digital-Native Workforce

New Realities of Customer Personalization in Financial Services

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Industrial revolution 4.0 is about digital transformation -
The revolution demands banks to adapt and conduct changes.

The challenge that FSIs face is to build a future-ready salesforce that can adapt and retain the loyalties of Indonesia’s digitalsavvy consumer
class with considerable spending power.

The Bankable

Around 60% of the country’s
population remains unbanked. But now, agents armed with the power of technology can make a difference.

Insights-driven Sales & Decision-making

Customer expectations from FSIs have changed. As a result, FSIs need to support their advisors
with timely customer insights and tailor-made offers for each customer.

The Future of

A generation of Indonesia’s population
(~32%) is standing at the threshold of
retirement. FSIs need to fill this knowledge
gap soon.

FSIs need to upgrade existing engagement strategies to serve their customers.

73% of consumers say a differentiated experience, not just an acceptable experience, is what it takes for a customer to remain loyal.

Leading banks and insurers will use relevant & responsible personalization as a key differentiator to create loyal clients

50% of all policies (life and non-life) will be sold through a fully automated insurance engine and dedicated advisors creating stronger brand loyalty.

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